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About Me

 Coming from the Pacific Northwest province of BC Canada, my name is Brad Edwards. I like to keep up to date on Cannabis culture and legalization efforts, as its quite fascinating watching a culture shift so rapidly back to state of some-what sanity as compared to the terrible laws we’ve been facing for so long. So, here I am plain as day talking to whoever is listening about this plant.

I’ve been following the Cannabis scene since the late 90’s when things started really blowing up in California, Oregon, and Washington, we had a lot of spill over from that up here and the two communities have kind of merged despite being in separate countries. I found the whole thing to be quite inspirational, just a bunch of people with their favorite plant saying screw you to the feds. Which is how I got involved with it. Always been a fan of people protesting for their beliefs and really going out and doing something about it, and have been trying to get involved in my own small part for a while.

I have a lot of friends I’ve known from the internet that have been busted in the states, especially on the east coast and the whole thing rubs me the wrong way. They were caught with a small baggie of plant matter, then their licenses are taken away, threatened with jail, probation, fines, you might lose your job; that’s absolutely terrible for a crime that hurts literally no one. I’ve personally never been in any kind of trouble due to Cannabis, though I do use it, the culture is different here about the stuff. Growing up here, it was just everyone. We’re all so used to it and it gets us pissed off when we see people in the states getting into all kinds of trouble something that is just a daily part of our life. People will smoke it in coffee shops just openly, and the cops don’t bother you as long as you aren’t being a nuisance.

I picked up the use of Cannabis from my older brother back when I was in high school, we used it as a bonding experience – my whole family does really. It helps us relax and open up with each other better than any form of group therapy or alcohol has done. I remember back in the day we thought we had the best Cannabis in the world up here in BC, but the stuff they have going on in Colorado and California now is out of this world. We get plenty of good stuff up here, but the times I’ve made it down to the states you can just see the difference in the bud. I’d like to take a trip with my family down there.

Yep, this is pretty much me. Just some guy behind a key board who likes to talk about and use Cannabis. I’m Brad Edwards and if you’re reading this we’d probably get along just swimmingly.